How to detect a screenshot from Simulator

How to detect a screenshot from Simulator

Use LLDB to mimic the behavior.


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Last month on my project, I was working on a feature that involves detecting screenshots because it has sensitive data. At that time I didn't have a real iOS device and it got me a problem because only real devices can detect such behavior.

So here's how I did on a simulator to mimic taking screenshots.

1 - Let's create a simple view with Button as if it is a screenshot button.

import SwiftUI

struct ContentView: View {

    let pub = NotificationCenter.default.publisher(for: UIApplication.userDidTakeScreenshotNotification)

    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            Text("Hello, world!")
            Button(action: {
                print("Button tapped")
            } ) {
        }.onReceive(pub, perform: { _ in

    func detectScreenshot() {
        print("Screenshot is taken")

struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
    static var previews: some View {

2- Let's put a breakpoint on the Button action, put the following command debug area and Press Enter.

(lldb) expr UIApplication.userDidTakeScreenshotNotification, object: nil) (2).gif

That's about it. Easy right?
You can post other notifications as well using LLDB.